Frequently Asked Questions

How do electric bikes work?

Our electric bicycles draw power from the battery and use a strong and reliable mid-drive motor as a driving mechanism. BMEBIKES can be power-driven by a throttle or pedaled with the aid of a ‘pedal assist system’ (PAS). Note: these functions can be easily turned off and can be operated like non-electric bicycles.

How fast are BMEBIKES?

BMEBIKES can reach the legal limit for electric bicycles of 20MPH. The actual speed will vary depending on rider weight, terrain, and road conditions. BMEBIKES have adjustable top speeds above 20MPH, but it is not recommended. You are strongly advised to refer and adhere to your local speed laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

How far can a BMEBIKE go in one charge?

This depends on the terrain, rider weight, cadence, and the model you choose, however, BMEBIKES typically can travel 20 – 30 miles on a single charge.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Charge time will typically be around 3-4 hours.

How long will the battery last?

Our batteries will typically have a lifespan of about 700-1000+ charges

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

Generally, our electric bicycles are waterproof. Our products are fine in light rain or damp riding conditions, but are not recommended for use in heavy downpours or through deep puddles. If you plan to ride in the rain on a regular basis, you should take extra steps to further waterproof your e-bike (i.e. wrap all electrical connections in electrical tape and close exposed openings with clear silicone)

Can I ride my electric bicycle on the trails?

Our e-bikes have been designed and engineered to scale steep slopes and traverse mild, off-road terrain. Our products can typically undergo novice trails, but riding is not recommended through intermediate and advanced trails.

How loud is the motor?

The motor is surprisingly quiet; in fact, most people will not realize it’s an electric bike based on the noise.

Do I always have to pedal to aid the motor?

Absolutely not! You have the option to use the throttle exclusively which will require no pedaling. You can also use the options (e.g. PAS or throttle) in combination. Steep slopes will be easier than ever to trek.

Do I need a special registration or license? Do I need to wear a helmet? How old do I have to be to ride? 

Typically, no special licenses or registration is required with electric bicycles adhering to the 20MPH speed limit. We strongly encourage you to wear a helmet for your safety regardless of the laws in your jurisdiction. Helmet regulations vary from location to location. Please refer and adhere to your local laws and regulations.