About Us

BMEBIKES is about empowerment. Yes, our e–bikes are powerful, but that’s not the point. We create products that give you the power to take back control, to rediscover passions you no longer thought existed.

Mountain biking is a unique sport, a lifestyle for the extreme individual. It’s an activity for someone who enjoys adventure, taking risks, overcoming challenges, and pushing themselves to the limit – and beyond. If you are still reading this sentence, then chances are that you are exactly this person.

Electric mountain bikes are our specialty. BMEBIKES is a team of mountain bikers, building electric mountain bikes for the mountain bike enthusiast. We know what you want, because we want the same thing – a balanced, stable, and powerful mountain e–bike with proven uphill performance, enhanced with state–of–the–art electric mid–drive technology… that looks as good as it rides.

Mountain biking is just the beginning. It’s not about what you do, but who you want to become. It’s about adopting a lifestyle, a resolve to transcend the boundaries and limits which you have self–constructed.

If our products are the spark that ignites your journey of adventure, challenges, and passion – then we have succeeded. Allow us to provide you the extra edge to make this happen.